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PostHeaderIcon Christmas Trip 2014 Announced

Many of you have asked about the Christmas trip to Honduras and what dates we plan to travel there to help with the Christmas Celebrations.   After consulting with Dr. Cruz and meeting with our Board of Directors, our ministry is pleased to announce that our travel dates will be Tuesday, December 9 - Monday, December 15, 2014. 
If you are interested in going on the trip, I would request that you to respond to this e-mail so that we can reserve a place on the mission team for you.  This is a very popular trip and I expect that we will have a full complement of travelers.  I will start purchasing airline tickets next month to take advantage of lower airfares and will need a $500 deposit from each traveler before I can purchase your ticket.  Total trip cost will be $1350.00 per person and full payment will be due no later than October 1, 2014.  Please advise me if you have questions or need further information concerning the trip.
Jerry Moss
Christianaires Board of Directors

PostHeaderIcon March Work Trip Complete

 Congratulations to our very talented mission team who just returned from Honduras after completing construction work on a new church in Chiligatoro, distributing nearly 100 Bibles to Lenca Indians, bringing baskets of food to over 67 needy Honduran families, handing out new shoes and pillowcase dresses to many children living in rural mountain villages and purchasing a wheel chair for a disabled girl living in a remote area. We also were able to bless local pastors with financial assistance and our prayers. We now begin planning and preparations for upcoming Christmas Celebrations in December with Dr. Cruz's staff. Thanks again to our mission team members!

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